Saturday, 23 November 2013

Birthday Boy

Well that's another year been and gone. I like to think I've made good use of it. 'Them Indoors' did me proud as usual. 'Him Indoors' was momentarily back from his travels and made a bit of a fuss of me. He was pretty handy in the snacking department too. I did well on the present front. I got a new cushion for my basket, a ball and a new coat. Unfortunately the coat was too big so 'Her Indoors' will have to see if she can change it. The last one was too small so I'm obviously between sizes. I'm happy to work on building myself up to the next size. I like to oblige where I can. The ball was good though. They got me one in blue as that's supposed to be a colour we dogs can see. It'll help me find it in the garden. In addition to the presents, I got a long walk in the sunshine this morning and a rare snooze on the sofa in front of the woodburner this evening. Happy days. It's a shame we only get one birthday a year. Perhaps I should be like the queen.....

Snoozing on the sofa

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