Sunday, 1 December 2013

Outdoor Attire

'Her Indoors' has changed my coat for one in the correct size so I'm looking pretty dapper on my walks at the moment.  It's got a fleecy liner that you can fasten in or take out, so it's an 'all seasons' coat, a bit like the one 'Her Indoors' wears when she's walking me.  It's also blue, like hers, but not the same shade.  Matching owner and dog coats would perhaps be a step too far, but I'm glad we don't clash - I am a dog of discerning taste.

I know there are differing views on dog coats, and I didn't wear them myself when I was younger, except for being dressed up by 'Junior Him and Her' when they were children, but I don't normally talk about that in public.  However, since I've reached my seniority, I find the weather gets to me a bit more, and a nice coat keeps the worst of the elements at bay.  I'm not alone; Henry from next door also wears one when the weather's particularly bad, and he's a large dog.  He's also got short fur.  There's a Whippet locally who wears a coat, but then they're very thin so they must feel the drafts.  Not a problem I've got thank goodness.  I work hard at keeping my insulating layer intact.

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