Monday, 13 October 2014

The Rain Returns...

It looks like we've skipped straight back into last winter which is a bit of a shock after a lovely summer and early autumn. When I was younger I didn't mind the rain - it was a walk at any cost. These days however, my legs take less stretching than they used to, and even less when it's wet. I can manage with just a quick circuit of the playing fields if the weather is inclement. In fact I make my feelings as plain as I can, tugging towards home and giving doleful looks if I'm over-ruled. If I get really cheesed off, I sit down, or as a last resort, lie down with my legs in the air. Once 'Her Indoors' has checked I'm still breathing, she normally calls me a few names and relents. After all, she doesn't like the wet very much either. Occasionally, if we get caught out in a really torrential downpour she'll crouch down and share her umberella with me which I have to say, I do rather appreciate. Anyway, last Friday we had a thunderstorm.  I have to bark through those as with all that noise and flashes of light, it's difficult to distinguish an electrical event from fireworks, which are near the top of my hate list. 'Him Indoors' doesn't mind the storms but he looses patience with my barking. I don't believe in suffering in silence - misery is best shared.

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