Saturday, 31 January 2015

Routine Matters

Now I wouldn't say I was fixed in my ways and I'm not one to complain, but 'Her Indoors' has blown my routine this week and I don't like it.  She's been off, gallivanting, in London, delivering a training course for creative writing teachers.  'Her Indoors' likes to delude herself that she can write a bit - poor lamb - I've taught her everything she knows, and she teaches, so I guess she's brought the two elements together.  Anyway, she's been catching the train up to London Bridge so hasn't been able to walk me first thing, in the the usual way.  Normally, she has her breakfast, brushes her teeth, puts her coat on (at which point I'm waiting expectantly) and we're off.  'Him Indoors' has stepped up to the mark pretty well, I've got to say, and I've still gone out for my morning constitutional, but it's not quite regular.  Now 'Her Indoors' has finished her course and she's back home all pleased with herself, but I don't know who to look hopeful at in the walking department: 'Him' or 'Her'?  Most confusing.

And to top it all it's started to snow.  As a dog of vast experience, I know that normally snookers the routine.  Still, at least 'Junior Him' isn't around to drag me out sledging, or worse, to use me as a snowballing target.

Distinctly not amused!

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