Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Little Tipple

I've got a small confession: I like the occasional tipple. It's not that it's a problem - I can give it up any time, and I blame my family for leading me astray. 'Her Indoors' started things off some years ago by taking an unreasonable dislike to molluscs eating her plants. She decided to go for the organic approach and used cheap, value lager, to drown the little blighters in slug traps. They were mainly saved however: I drank the lager. There were one or two at the bottom, but they're rather tasty marinaded, provided you chew them up well. It was only when I had a hangover the next day that anyone noticed. Since then, they've attempted to restrict my access, but 'Him Indoors' slips me the occasional few drops from the end of the bottle. Bliss! As I said, I haven't got a problem....

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