Tuesday, 2 June 2015

She's back!

She's returned!  'Junior Her' is back from university having completed her second year.  I wondered what all that bathing and grooming was about (me, not her...).  Having sensed that something was afoot, I was sat waiting by the door, wearing my new neckerchief, and threw myself into a wriggling, vocal greeting with gusto.  What better welcome could there possibly be?

'Him Indoors' was a bit grumpy having cleanned kitchen worktops, loaded half a hundred weight of belongings into his car whilst dodging a London-style parking fine, and dealt with a landlord threatening to dock their deposit for the state of the fridge, cooker and the marks made by posters on the walls.

Still, all her belongings have been loaded into the conservatory and work has started on the sorting and cleaning.  I've been helping with the laundary of course.  There's nothing I like better than rooting through a pile of assorted smelling clothing and bedding.  'Her Indoors' put so much washing out at once that she ran out of clothes pegs and 'Him Indoors' has been cleaning up electrical appliances whilst muttering darkly under his breath.

'Junior Her' and I have been catching up on some fussing and spoiling as well as her sleeping, eating and drinking.  She's going to be flitting a bit during the summer, as she got a paid part time summer job with a marketing company in London, but she'll be around much more which has got to be good news.

All spruced up with my new neckerchief, waiting........
She brought back one or two things with her.  Where's the conservatory gone?
Helping sorting out the washing mountain

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