Sunday, 23 August 2015

Precious People

Now I'm not generally a dog given to introspection and deep thought, although I have my reflective moments, but the events of yesterday made me pause my paws for a bit.

The sister of 'Her Indoors' together with her partner, Simon, were driving from Romsey to spend the weekend with us, and just missed being directly involved in the terrible air accident on the A27 at Shoreham.  They witnessed the fire and smoke, Police running frantically along the carriageway to stop traffic heading directly into the crash scene, and stunned witnesses of the actual crash milling around.  Thank Dog they had been held up in a traffic jam around Chichester and weren't a few minutes earlier.  As it is, two of the victims were young men, around the same age as 'Junior Him' who were just driving along a road on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  It doesn't really bear thinking about too much. Whilst normally taking six hours for what should have been at best, a two hour journey, would be a cause for grumbles and complaints, yesterday we were all grateful they got here at all; there are some who will never come home.

Anyway, we all had the planned drinks in the evening sun, and I got sent inside for being naughty.  I kept trying to access Simon's lap without permission, and then sealed my fate by attempting a quick slurp from his beer glass when I thought everyone was preoccupied discussing the day's events.  I'd just like to make it clear that I wasn't being an opportunist little tea-leaf, I was merely trying to lighten the atmosphere and entertain those that I love, although a quick sip would actually have been rather nice.  Anyway, I did make them laugh, and they let me back out in the garden eventually.....

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