Sunday, 16 August 2015

With Age Comes........

Unlike 'Them Indoors', I don't mind getting older, in fact I see having a few years under my collar as a distinct advantage.  I've got a lot of experience that I like to deploy tactically.  However, I read a piece on older dogs the other day, and although the sentiment behind it was well-intentioned, we are not all white faced, milky eyed, doddery old things in need of sympathy and pity, although a few extra treats and tummy rubs are, to be frank, always appreciated.  I would therefore like to share a few home truths about ageing with the wider world:
  • 'Old' is something that happens to you when you've lived a long time, it's not a disease or an illness.
  • I'm still the same dog I've always been.  I'm still a free thinking, beer drinking, rabbit hunting, left pawed, trouble-maker with attitude and a mind of his own who likes to share his opinions with anyone, listening or not......
  • I don't mind that I can't chase my ball quite as much, that I'm slower on walks, that I spend more time sun-puddling than zooming around in the garden.  I accept life as it is now.
  • My eye-sight might not be as sharp, although I can still spot and bark at rabbits in the garden, through the conservatory windows, whilst on my beanbag in the lounge, when 'Him Indoors' can't see them and he wears glasses (ahhhhh, poor thing!).  
  • My hearing isn't what it was, but then as 'Her Indoors' points out, that's pay back for years of selective deafness when the circumstances have warranted it.  She's got a point.
  • Arthritis is a nuisance, although the vet says its due to twelve and a half years of honourable mega-zooming, but my medication is the best there is, and yes, I'm on fish oils too!
  • I'm slightly easier to live with (although not too much easier!) than I was in my prime.  I'm less 'super-charged', a bit more companionable and don't mind being left on my own for a bit or getting shorter walks if the need arises.
  • I enjoy life and live it to the full, every day.  This year I've joined the BTPosse on Twitter and branched out into the Zombie Squad and Tweet Choir.  I've even met a few of my chums in the fur.  I've got my own magazine column, just finished my first book, The Last Rolo, and entered a dog show for the first time, winning two rosettes.  How's your year been so far?
  • When I stop enjoying life, I know I can rely on 'Them Indoors' to do the decent thing by me, but for now, if you don't see me on a familiar route for a while, I haven't gone 'over the rainbow', I'm busy with the above!
  • I know I'm lucky.  I've got my health and 'Them Indoors', who are not too shabby in the 'looking after' department, particularly since the 'Juniors' have left home and 'Her Indoors' has been 'empty nesting'.  My job description was 'family pet' but I think it might have morphed into 'child substitute' which, to be frank, I'm equally good at....
So Pals, don't feel sorry for us seniors and don't turn your back on us, we're still fun.  'Her Indoors' turned her back on me in the garden this morning and regretted it when she caught me stealing the strawberries - again!  I left off, immediately she told me, and then sneaked back when she turned round again.  It's a little trick I learnt along the way...!

The four ages of dog!

I know, 'so cute ahhhhh'!

Who is that slim, trim, good looking fella, and what happened to his waistline?!

Regal in my prime!

Senility has clearly set in - this one's for you, Eric, Seb and Malc!

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