Monday, 10 August 2015

Real Virtual Friends

Every now and then, I have to take my hat off to 'Her Indoors'.  I belong to group of tweeting Border Terriers called the BT Posse and they have a members' map which I've recently been added to. 'Her Indoors' noticed there were a few locals, and arranged for us to meet for a walk.  I'm sure if  'Junior Her' had planned to meet a group of total strangers in the middle of nowhere, 'Her Indoors' would have had something to say about it, but because they were all bringing dogs with them, apparently it was okay.

Anyway, I'm really glad she did as we got to see Mabel, Archie and Scruff, as nicer group of Border Terriers as you could hope to meet.  Scruff travelled all the way from Brighton on public transport to get there which shows particular diligence.  Archie's humum was concerned that as the youngest, he might be a bit boisterous, so she took him for a walk before-hand.  I'm not saying she over did it, but he had to have a few lie-downs on the way, although he did manage some impressive zooming in between times.

I'd like to thank Scruff's humum for those lovely treats from Waitrose (make a note 'Her Indoors') and for being so generous with them.  Clearly my 'most appealing eyes' are still working their magic and that's 'Her Indoors' attempts to put me on a diet thwarted for yet another day, which has to be good.  It was nice of  Mrs Scruff to provide some water for me too.  'Her Indoors' had brought some, but somebody else's is always far more tasty.  Scruff followed the same principle and drank mine, so it was all fair and equitable.

We met horses to bark at, other dogs to greet, and a pack of four Chiwawas having their own little outing, to socialise with.  Mabel managed to find a muddy puddle to wade in and drink from, Scruff found his own sunshade in the bracken, and I surprised 'Her Indoors' by keeping up with the others pretty well, which in view of my senior status wasn't too shabby.  There's clearly life in the old dog yet (and I did quite well too!) I did notice however that all the other BTs were wearing these rather smart harnesses, except for me and it's not that I'm a jealous kind of dog, but as soon as I've finished blogging, I'm on Amazon...

Although I've tweeted them all in the past, it was lovely to meet up and I hope we get to do it again soon.  'Her Indoors' was very grateful for the delicious cup cakes that Mabel's humum brought along as a little post-walk treat.  I notice 'Her Indoors' wasn't sharing that though...

Guess who's got the treats! 
Scruff finding his own shady spot
There's always one dog looking the wrong way - Mabel!

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  1. Excellent work Mr Rolo. Well done from all at BT HQ