Sunday, 26 March 2017

Keeping the Peace

The recent events in London have given me paws for thought. Whilst it's difficult to see any good, from my experience as a senior fur, like bunnies down a bunny hole, you sometimes have to look for it. It's easy to be overwhelmed by events, but if you step back, there was one bad human, but a whole wealth of good hupeeps who came to the rescue. At the forefront were the emergency services. When everyone else is running away, they have to run towards, so they get a big paws up from me.
       I have a particularly soft spot for the Police. I know no-one likes being told what they can and can't do, me included, well, especially me actually..... but we all need to be kept safe, and that, at the end of the day, is what it's all about. I sometimes think I'd have made a good Police Dog. I gather they're more flexible on the height requirements for officers these days and I'm very good at sticking my nose into things. I'm also bold and assertive, so I'd be right in the thick of it if there was any trouble.  I'm not sure about the hat though - what's that all about? - although I already have the reflective jacket, but I'm not very good at following orders. I also suspect that I'm a bit too senior these days, which is a pity.
      However, I do have a few connections. A not very well-kept secret is that 'Her Indoors' used to be a Police Officer, which is why she can only be pushed so far on the naughtiness front. She did it for a few years before she had the juniors, and I'm sure the world is a better place for all those paperboys without lights on their bicycles she told off and the cars on double yellow lines that she moved on. One slightly alarming fact is that, for a little while, she was armed. How that happened is a mystery to me as I've seen her hand/eye co-ordination in action - she throws a ball like a complete girl, what can I tell you, so I suspect the world might actually be a safer place now that her career efforts are restricted to writing and teaching.
      This does mean however, that she has a number of friends with police force connections, although most are retired now. One of 'Junior Him's' school friends is in the Met and 'Her Indoors' thought of his mum on Wednesday. So a big woof of thanks to all our Pals in the Police force, human and canine, and those supporting them, we really are grateful. And if you could just continue to overlook my misdemeanours and not mind if I climb into your Police car for a root around, like I did that time over the playing fields, when you were packing up a speed trap, that would be great!
A very young 'Her Indoors' with a rather famous lady!
I've got the right coat....
I'm not under-age honestly.....


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